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Construction Services

SASIC Ltd offers comprehensive construction services right from planning to execution. Our team has decades of experience in the segment that enables us to understand the nuances of the project. We have the in-house team strength of the necessary resources to complete the construction on time. One of the notable aspects of our company is that we appoint a dedicated team for every project. We ensure that the resources know their responsibility and even the timeframe. We explain every aspect of the project in advance so that they can work without much confusion.

We have extensive experience in the segment that allows us to anticipate the challenges in the sector and take proactive measures. We have worked in different and unique aspects of domestic building construction. We can work with everything right from site preparation to quality control. Our team will assist the customers in seeking the necessary permissions for the construction. We are also well aware of the regulations in the sector and implement them as a part of the project. We undertake various measures to complete the project on time and within the client’s budget. Our goal is to assist consumers in achieving their dream of becoming homeowners through our quality and innovative approach.

New Builds

We specialize in building new homes that are tailored to meet our clients’ unique vision, needs, and budget.


Our team of experts can help you transform your existing property into your dream home, with high-quality renovations that enhance both functionality and aesthetics.


Whether you need more space for your growing family or want to create a new room for entertainment, we can help you design and build an extension that seamlessly integrates with your existing home.


We can convert your loft, garage or other space into a functional and stylish living area, adding value and comfort to your home.


Our team of interior designers can help you create the perfect living space that reflects your personality and style.


We offer a range of painting and decorating services to help you refresh and transform your home.


Our roofing services include installation, repair, and maintenance of all types of roofs, including flat roofs, pitched roofs, and more.


We offer a full range of plumbing services, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs.


We can help you select and install the right flooring solution for your needs, whether it’s hardwood, carpet, tile, or another option.

Project Management

Are you looking to construct a new house? Should you renovate your existing structure? If you are, then there is a strong possibility that you are worried about the project’s complexity. Everyone understands that it is challenging to handle construction projects, especially without technical expertise. This is one of the reasons why people delay their dream of building a house. Though they can purchase a home, it would not be a replica of their expectations. This is why people often face the dilemma of handling the project.

Fortunately, SASIC Ltd has a thorough understanding of the client’s expectations. We have decades of experience in the segment that empowers us to comprehend the core needs of our customers and develop practical solutions. We have a team of skilled experts who are proficient in the nuances of the segment. Our professionals will have a detailed discussion with the customers to know more about their needs. The next step will be to formulate an effective plan. We will coordinate with the stakeholders, including architects, interior designers, site managers and other resources responsible for the project. Our trustworthy project manager will be accountable for overseeing the entire operation.

This professional will have extensive experience working with similar projects. This enables them to anticipate and work accordingly. They will coordinate with the different teams to ensure they can get the best results. Additionally, they will also communicate about the progress to the various stakeholders. We are among the few companies using technological advancements to streamline operations. Construction projects are complex and require comprehensive planning. As the trusted project management crew, we will identify resources to provide the best results. We have an in-depth understanding of the skillset of our team. This enables us to choose the right team for the project and offer the highest quality outcomes.

We do not just handle new builds but renovations as well. We manage all projects, irrespective of their volume, with the same level of dedication. This approach has made us the preferred partner in the region.

About Us

A home is not another building made of bricks and cement. It is a structure that replicates the family history, culture and values. A fair percentage of people have recently struggled to purchase or construct their dream homes. This is primarily because of the increasing cost and the uncertainty in the job market. SASIC Ltd was conceptualized to provide quality and practical construction solutions. Our founders believe that everyone should have an opportunity to build their home. We develop innovative solutions that enable us to understand the client’s budget and deliver quality solutions.

We have extensive experience in the industry that gives us a competitive edge in handling the projects. We are well aware of the challenges in the field and take proactive measures to manage them. It is imperative to plan extensively to avoid complications. We also ensure that we have a detailed and straightforward mode of communication between our team and other stakeholders. This approach has proven to be effective in undertaking the expected results. We begin by analyzing the client’s requirements. This would include understanding their vision and their budget.

We will brainstorm and determine the ideal solution. We follow a transparent approach and help clients to maintain realistic expectations. We have an extensive vendor network that supplies high-quality materials at cost-effective packages. Another essential aspect is ensuring that we source the necessary products on time, as it might cause delays and even sudden increases in the project. Our genuine concern and dedication to our customers have made SASIC Ltd the preferred partner in the construction of residential buildings.


To develop affordable and quality solutions for our clientele

To create unique solutions that will not just fulfil the needs of our customers but also uplift the industry

To maintain utmost transparency that will address many miscommunications in the project.


To provide holistic solutions in the construction of the domestic building

To be a pioneer and trendsetter in the industry through our quality services and systematic approach

To lead the change and redefine the misconception of the industry

Why Choose Us?

SASIC Ltd has been the epitome of quality and affordable solutions. Here are some reasons why customers choose us

Our Process

SASIC Ltd prides itself on a structured approach that enables us to maintain our service standards. This would be inclusive of

Data Collection

Our team will initially gather all the relevant data from the customers. We will provide a detailed questionnaire and also conduct a discussion with them. This will enable us to understand the core expectations of our clientele.


We will use this data to check the feasibility of the plan. We will extensively test various ideas and concepts that will ultimately help us to determine viable options.


The next step is to develop a detailed plan. This will include different aspects such as resource management, time allotment and overall project planning.

Sourcing the raw materials

We will then source the materials from reputed vendors. Our experience allows us to evaluate and maintain an inventory necessary for on-time completion.


Once we get all the necessary approvals, we will execute the project. Our team will work harmoniously to ensure we can get the best results.

Quality Check

We will check the house once the project is completed to ensure it is in proper condition. We will hand over the project only after our QC team approves them.

Contact Us

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Sasic Ltd

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Mr Sarangan Sivakumaran

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9 Tideslea Tower, Erebus Drive, London-SE28 0GF

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0741 7410 071

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